About Us

About Us

Let’s get acquainted.

First, a little about us. We’re proud to be Michigan-based, serving small Michigan businesses. Though we’re comfortable expanding our reach–working across the U.S. and with larger corporations–like most successful businesses, we know our sweet spot. Since we opened our doors in 1996 with a handful of clients, we’ve grown at least ten-fold in terms of those we serve–and most of them are within driving distance of those doors. While we have grown our client list, we’ve remained a small dedicated team… on purpose. We’re large enough to meet our clients’ needs, but small enough to be very nimble. We’re proud of the company we’ve built and are excited to meet and serve you and your business.

We believe that the American retirement system is the best in the world. It is the proverbial three-legged stool: Social Security, personal savings and company-sponsored retirement plans. Despite being the best system in the world, there is a valid criticism. Small plans are over-priced and underserved. We believe it is our task to address this problem.

We believe that small businesses and their employees, who make up at least two-thirds of the U.S. workforce, deserve retirement security every bit as much as Fortune 500 companies do. In fact, it’s our mission to deliver service and value to a market that too often is overlooked and underserved. To do this, we manage retirement plans strategically, planning each move, looking ahead, watching for the unexpected. Planning for retirement is a lot like playing chess. It’s the long view that wins.

You might like to know…

We really are distinctive, in the true sense of that word. We serve as both your plan advisor and third party administrator, something rarely done in this industry. That matters because it keeps our costs low and passes the savings on to our clients. It matters because we can serve as fiduciaries of your plan. It also means we’ll develop a deeper understanding of your needs and a commitment to meeting them.

We believe strong communication is essential. We’re very good at providing information, but the most important part of communication is listening. And we’re very good at that, too.

Once we understand what makes you unique, we can help ensure your retirement plan is the best it can be and that the people you employ have the tools they need to retire successfully.

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