We can also work for individuals … you.

Hundreds of employers have trusted us to manage their fiduciary risk. We can deliver the same standard of care to your personal finances too.

When a company sponsors a retirement plan, that company is held to the highest standard of care in the land – a fiduciary standard of care. We’ve worked with hundreds of companies, and individuals, delivering the care, prudence and rigorous analysis required of that standard.

Michigan Pension & Financial can provide you with the same level of service – on a personalized basis – for the important financial matters in your life.

Here are the key areas where we can help:

Personal Retirement Planning (IRAs, 401(k)s, annuities, and investments)

Risk Management (Life Insurance and Long-Term Care Insurance)

College Funding

Income Tax Optimization

Basic Estate Planning (we review basics; we do not prepare wills or trusts)

When you look to make life’s important financial decisions, look to Michigan Pension & Financial for help.