We can also work for individuals … you.

Hundreds of employers have trusted us to manage their fiduciary risk. We can deliver the same standard of care to your personal finances too.

When a company sponsors a retirement plan, that company is held to the highest standard of care in the land – a fiduciary standard of care. We’ve worked with hundreds of companies, and individuals, delivering the care, prudence and rigorous analysis required of that standard.

Michigan Pension & Financial can provide you with the same level of service – on a personalized basis – for the important financial matters in your life.

We are distinctive, in that we not only plan how to save for a retirement, we also help clients calculate when they can retire, how much they can spend, where to invest and where to withdraw funds to maximize tax planning and keep Medicare premiums as low as practical.

We’ve discovered that distribution planning in retirement is just as important as accumulation planning before retirement. And naturally, just like during your working years, we coordinate with your tax professional during your retirement years.

Here are the key areas where we can help:

Personal Retirement Planning (IRAs, 401(k)s, annuities, and investments)

Risk Management (Life Insurance and Long-Term Care Insurance)

College Funding

Income Tax Optimization

Basic Estate Planning (we review basics; we do not prepare wills or trusts)

When you look to make life’s important financial decisions, look to Michigan Pension & Financial for help.

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We Serve