Fiduciary Services

Fiduciary Services

What’s your liability?

Businesses that offer retirement plans to their employees are held to a fiduciary standard of care – which means they may be liable should the plan fail to exclusively benefit those who are enrolled. The federal government inspects individual plans and can levy fines. Each business must be able to show proof of the following:


The fees are reasonable


The funds are solid and compare well against alternatives


That they have been strategic about funds they offer employees (Investment Policy Statement)


That any revenue sharing arrangements are used for the benefit of the employees

We agree – that’s a lot to account for. And we understand that the consequences of a faulty plan are serious.

But when it comes to meeting fiduciary standards, we’re the good news.

While we can’t carry the full load of liability for you, we can be your fiduciary partner, helping you build a moat around your plan to protect it from fines. As your co-fiduciary, Michigan Pension & Financial pledges to do all required to help ensure your plan does exactly what the law says it must do–effectively, efficiently, and strategically help your employees prepare for a successful retirement.

We know that compliance relies on the details.

And we’re very, very good at details. Here’s a short list of what we do when we act as your co-fiduciary partner:

Perform rigorous investment monitoring and reporting

Recommend investments – and replacements – as needed

Review ERISA spending accounts, 404(c)s and fidelity bonds

Offer investment education and advice for participants

Let’s work together to make your plan the best it can be for your business and your most valuable asset – your employees.