Plan Design
& Consulting

Plan Design & Consulting

It all starts with communication.

Our core value is communication. We listen to you carefully to understand your values, goals and needs so that we can design a plan – that we then help implement and monitor.

Successful communication is the clear explanation of all costs, risks and benefits. It is concise yet comprehensive, sophisticated yet understandable, and it is transparent, private and dependable.

There are seven different types of 401(k) plans and a virtually unlimited number of business types. The goals and needs of your company are not like those of the business down the street or in another town. So how do you match your business to the right plan? We think it starts with Michigan Pension & Financial – and good communication.

A successful retirement plan design relies on an exchange of information and ideas. And we’re exceptionally good at that process. We want to get to know you and your business.

What are your challenges?

What are your objectives?

What are your goals and aspirations?

We’ll answer your questions and ask a good deal of our own–like those above. And we’ll listen. After we’ve learned all we need to know, we can design a plan customized for you, your business, and your employee.

We take the time to get it right. For you.